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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

India Maize crop Report 2014

India Maize crop Report 2014:
As of today the crop position is satisfactory.
In Maharashtra the stock carried forward is about 35000 mt.
Fresh arrival has started from Nizamabad, and from some markets Pf Jalgaon belt.
But future looks vulnerable. The standing crop of Maharashtra and Karnataka needs a shower of rain within next three to four days. If no rain, then the crop yield would be reduced heavily by 25-40%. Hence the future of maize is totally depending on rains in next few days.

1) Port klang $ 235 Cnf
2) Penang $ 241
3) SIBU Malaysia $ 266
4) Kuching $ 264
5) Ho chi Minh city $236

Quality- 3% d/d
14% moisture.
Afflo-: 30 ppb
Broken- 2% max
PAY- 15% Advance, balance amt TT.

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